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Salient Features Of Bajaj Double Roller Cotton Ginning Machine Jumbo Model

Following are the salient features of Bajaj Double Roller Cotton Gin Machine:

1.Higher Length of Fiber: As compared to Saw Gins & Rotobar Gins higher length Fiber is obtained for the same variety of cotton under the same conditions from Bajaj DR Gin, for e.g. a test trial was taken for Bunny variety of India on all the three systems of ginning, and the mean length obtained was as under:
a.Bajaj Double Roller Gins-32.59 mm
b.Saw Gin-30.27 mm
c.Rotobar Gin-31.52 mm.

2.Elimination and Delinting of Cotton Seeds: The Cotton Seeds obtained after ginning on Bajaj DR Gin have minimum Fiber content, which is within the permissible limit for direct oil crushing, hence, cotton seeds obtained on Bajaj DR Gin may be directly used for crushing by oil mills, which saves huge delinting costs required to be incurred in case of cotton seed obtained from Saw Gin. While the cotton seed obtained from Rotobar Gin is required to be reclaimed and lumps of cotton are required to be separated, by raw cotton conveying systems which also results in significant lower output.

3.Retaining of Natural Luster and Moisture: Bajaj DR Gin is gentle ginning technology, where the Fiber is separated by stretching method and Fiber comes out in a blanket type shape in straightened position, resulting in lower neps and higher Fiber length and at the same time it retains natural moisture and luster of the cotton.

4.Lower Neps Contents: The test results show that the neps in cotton lint obtained from Bajaj DR Gin, are below 90 neps while the neps count for Saw Gin are observed to be around 225 and above.

5.Higher Output of Fiber: On Bajaj DR Gin, the output for the Fiber increases by about 2% due to extra length. The test results obtained on ZARA cotton of Zimbabwe shows that the output on Bajaj DR Gin was as high as 43%, while Saw Gin output was below 41%.  In other cases also it was observed that, when the output on Bajaj DR Gin was 37%, the same was around 35% on Saw Gin for the same variety.

6.Higher Profitability: Due to higher Fiber output and elimination of delinting requirement for cotton seeds, the profitability on Bajaj DR Gin is very high.

7.Lower Power Consumption: If you compare the total power consumption for any set of machinery, say 10 Bales/Hour, 20 Bales/Hour & 30 Bales/Hour, it is much lower in the fully automatic setup or semi-automatic setup etc. on Bajaj DR Gin Machines, as compared to Saw Gins and Rotobar Gins.

8.Lower Cost of Project: The cost of project is cheaper by about 40% in case for same capacity plant for Bajaj DR Gins Plants, as compared to Saw Gins & Rotobar Gins Plants.

9.Possibility of Smallest Size Plant & Biggest Size Plant: The plant size in case of Bajaj DR Gin can be for the smallest requirement, as well as highest requirement, while in case of Saw Gin and Rotobar Gin this may not be possible.

10.Premium by buying Mills: As the neps contents and Fiber parameters like natural moisture, natural luster, thrash contents etc.are much better for the cotton ginned variety on Bajaj DR Gins, spinning mills pay a premium of 2 cents per pound in most of the cases.

11.Extra Cleaning: Since shakeout arrangement is working at the ginning point of the Bajaj DR Gin Machines, the thrash contents for the similar cotton, when fed in the Bajaj DR Gin Machines is lower, as compared to Saw Gins and Rotobar Gins. e.g. if the trash percent in Automatic Saw Gin Plant is 2% then on the same Cotton, Automatic Double Roller Ginning Plant the trash percentage would be around 1.5% and in the manual fed un-cleaned cotton if trash percent in Saw Gin is around 4% then the same cotton will on Double Roller Ginning Machine have around 3% trash.

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