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Pioneers in Cotton Ginning, Pressing Plants & Automation Machinery.
Serving The Cotton Sector Since 1961....

Technical Collaboration with Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology, (CIRCOT), ICAR Govt. of India.

Awarded “LARGEST AND MODERN COTTON GINNING & PRESSING MACHINERY MANUFACTURER IN INDIA.” by Hon. Minister Of Textiles, Govt. of India Mr. Shankar Singh Waghela on 4th January, 2008.

Population of around 55000 Double Roller Gins running throughout India and various other countries including BANGLADESH, EGYPT, KENYA, MADAGASCAR, MALAYSIA, MYANMAR, NIGERIA, PAKISTAN, PERU, SOUTH AFRICA, TAJIKISTAN, TANZANIA, UGANDA, ZAMBIA, and ZIMBABWE. We are the largest in Double Roller Ginning Technology in the world.

Bajaj Double Roller Gins produce high quantities of lint per hour with highest output and better seed quality at the lowest maintenance cost. The per unit cost of production on Bajaj Double Roller Ginning Machines is the lowest. Similarly, High Efficiency Bajaj Down Packing Cotton Baling Press produces highest number of Bales at lowest cost per bale. ‘Bajaj’ offers Complete Cotton Ginning, Pressing, Cleaning, Conveying and Handling solutions and turnkey Ginning & Pressing Plant Machinery at lowest capital investment.

Salient Features Of ‘Bajaj’ Double Roller Cotton Ginning Machine – Jumbo Model

Following are the salient features of ‘Bajaj’ Double Roller Cotton Ginning Machine:
1.Higher Length of Fiber: As compared to Saw Gins & Rotobar Gins higher length Fiber is obtained for the same variety of cotton under the same conditions from ‘Bajaj’ DR Gin, for e.g. a test trial was taken for Bunny variety of India on all the three systems of ginning machine, and the mean length obtained was as under:
a.‘Bajaj’ Double Roller Gins-32.59 mm
b.Saw Gin-30.27 mm
c.Rotobar Gin-31.52 mm.

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